Monday, May 14, 2012

A few things that are working for me right now......

One or two parts of the garden are beginning to is this Stipa Gigantea ornamental grass that I caught in the act of being backlit by the setting sun.

The thrill of plumage on grasses starts at this time of year (and I admit that I am a complete sucker for plumage).  And, so abrupt....only a few days ago it looked like this.....

Granted this is photographed from a different angle and time of day...but, you get the idea.

So much can change so rapidly at this time of year!

I'm also really beginning to like how the front foundation planting is coming along.  It consists of Moon Bay Nandinas, Japanese Forest Grass, Carex morrowii, one Skimmia and one vine maple in the corner with Christmas ferns at it's base.  The red blooms are Girard's Hotshot azaleas...the only blast of relatively short lived color amongst a green palette of foliage which I find a soothing place of welcoming to the side gate.

And, one last thing...this is an unusual color combination but I'm beginning to find it quite fascinating.....a vine maple and an artichoke wrestling to see whose foliage will get the upper hand....stay tuned!

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